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Personalised 90-year life calendar generator

Using the input fields below, enter your information and download the ready-to-print PDF file containing your personalised life calendar.

NOTE: Ideal printing size is 26 inches (width) by 40 inches (height)

Tim Urban's original life calendars can be purchased here.

The idea behind Tim's life calendar is that each row in the grid is 52 boxes representing a year of your life, and there are 90 rows. Essentially a giant rectangular grid of boxes that fits on a single large poster.

The problem with this lovely idea is that it's quite difficult to actually find the box that corresponds to a specific date on this giant grid of blank boxes. Some annotation is required to make the calendar useful, and while there's plenty of space provided for this, it's a lot of work. So, when I discovered that I had essentially paid $20 for the opportunity to spend lots of time annotating a mostly blank poster, I had some ideas for extra features that make the calendar a bit more practical to use.

Here, you can download a ready-to-print PDF of your own personalised, easy-to-navigate Life Calendar, in the same style as Tim's calendar but with some additional bells and whistles:

Unfortunately, you'll have to print it yourself; if I were to send you a printed one, I'd have to charge you money (because printing costs money), and then I'd be into the poster-selling business, which is a no-no. I even asked Tim about it (no, seriously):